Artists - Willis Hancock

Willis Hancock was born in Brooklyn on Bonavista Bay. Like many Newfoundlanders, he worked for years in other parts of Canada, on lake boats and in construction. Wherever he went he continued to develop his talents as an artist. Once home again, he painted more Newfoundland scenes, past and present. Although the fishermen of Brooklyn no longer haul cod traps, a limited edition reproductions of an oil painting by Willis Hancock reminds us of a time when they did. Willis Hancock died in spring 1999. Shortly before his death he saw and approved the limited print of "Hauling the Cod Trap", which has been initialed and numbered by his son. Willis Hancock's widow, Dolores, is thankful that his work can be shared in this way, and hopes to continue his plans to reproduce other examples of his work. With his Cod Jiggin' poster and art card Willis Hancock comments on the fate of the Newfoundland fishery: "What was once considered by most Newfoundlanders as our God given right is now a once a year privilege from Ottawa".

Limited Edition Prints

"Hauling the Cod Trap"
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Artist:Willis Hancock
Print Size:12" X 16"
Edition Size:350

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